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Our candles are made with natural soy wax.

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All our candles are made using a natural 100% soy wax but did you know that a candle only has to have 51% soybean oil content to be called a soy candle! Don't worry though all our Scent of the Dales candles are made with 100% soybean oil. Soy candles have become increasingly more popular over the last few years as consumers make more informed purchases that are kinder to the environment. Here are a few reasons to help make an informed choice.

Soy candles are 100% biodegradable. As we become more conscious of the amount of waste that we produce, choosing a candle that won't clutter the environment for decades is a real plus.

Soy wax produces virtually no toxic fumes - Soy wax is derived from vegetables which produce a cleaner burn. The toxins and pollutants you may get from other candles are gone, meaning they're less likely to trigger allergies.

Being a natural product any spillages of wax can simply be cleaned up with warm soapy water no need for solvents!

Soy candles generally burn cooler than regular candles which means they last longer so you can enjoy your favourite fragrances for even longer.

Soy wax is a completely renewable resource made from plants and does not contain any petrochemicals.

So you can now enjoy your favourite Scent of the Dales candles knowing you have made an informed choice.










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