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Safer alternative to candles.

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If you are worried about having burning candles around your home there are safer alternatives.

Candles are the height of romance with their fragrant flickering flame but a reed diffuser is the ultimate scene setter and makes a great safe option to candles having no naked flame there is no chance of you forgetting to extinguish your candle before leaving the house. 

Our reed diffusers create a sophisticated atmosphere the moment you enter a room. The clear glass container fits discreetly with any decor style, whilst also being worthy of a centre stage starring role. The fragrance is always on with our beautiful reed diffusers.

All our reed diffusers are supplied with modern non-clog fibre reeds that do not necessarily need flipping. the reeds work by drawing the fragrance oil up from the container and dispersing the fragrance in the room via air movement around the reeds.

Treat your reed diffuser like a bouquet of scented flowers don't expect to be able to smell the fragrance all the time but experience wafts of fragrance as moving air circulates the fragrance around the room.

Position the diffuser in a high traffic area like a table by the door as you enter the room the movement of air will help disperse the fragrance. Another good place is in the entrance hall where the fragrance will welcome you as you enter your home.

Always place reed diffusers on a level surface, on a coaster or saucer then if any spillage occurs the oil will not mark furniture but will be retained on the saucer this can be wiped clean with kitchen paper.

Try to position the diffuser away from any heat source and avoid sunny windows the heat will shorten the life of the diffuser by evaporating the fragrance oil quicker.

100ml reed diffuser 'Rock Salt & Driftwood' from the Scent of the Dales collection by JustNow Designs

Never light the reeds they are highly flammable especially when they have been in the oil.

If you require a burst of fragrance this can be achieved by flipping some or all of the reeds. Do this by standing the diffuser on some kitchen paper to catch any accidental spillage and carefully take out the reeds turn them over and replace them back into the fragrance oil. Reposition the diffuser and you will experience a fragrance burst. Try not to do this too much as this will shorten the life of the diffuser by using the fragrance oil quicker. Our 100ml reed diffusers are designed to fragrance your home for around 3 months.

Keep reed diffusers well out of reach of children and pets. Always wash hands after handling. When finished recycle or reuse and dispose of in accordance with local regulations. 

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