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Spring! but such a strange start to the year!

What a strange start to 2020 we are all having, there is no hiding from this vicious covid-19 vius for any of us but in these lockdown times, we are all looking for something else to fill the time. We decided to repot all our succulent plants.

Succulents especially Echeveria have become a real on-trend house plant in recent years and probably the reason for that is they are so easy to keep and thrive on neglect! They are perfectly happy grown in pots especially terracotta plant pots on a sunny window ledge indoors with very little nutrients and in wintertime very little water.

The Echeveria succulent plant is slow-growing and usually doesn’t exceed 12 inches (30 cm.) in height and spread. The leaves are fleshy and have a waxy cuticle on the exterior. Often the leaves are colored and a firm touch can mark the skin.

Native from Texas to Central America, the plants prefer desert conditions but will tolerate periods of moisture as long as they are allowed to dry out before applying more water.

These little succulents produce offsets or baby plants nestled against the mother rosette. These are easy to separate and grow. Just pull the little rosette away and replant in a cactus mixture or homemade blend of equal parts horticultural grit, and compost. You can also start new plants from leaf cuttings. Simply lay the leaf on the surface of the soil. It will root within a few weeks and soon a small rosette will grow next to the rooted leaf. The leaf will dry up and crumble off of the new plant.

Water sparingly in wintertime and regularly in the warmer summer months, do not allow them to stand in water this will lead to root rot.

If planted in ceramic or non-porous containers with no drainage careful watering is essential. Put a layer of gravel in the base of the container before planting this will allow a little of the excess water to drain from the roots. 

It is easy to understand why these little plants have become so popular in recent times, non-demanding and tolerant of modern dry houses. But be aware once you have one you will want more and with hundreds to choose from it can be quite addictive!

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