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Published by James Guilliam2 mins

Just a post to say how much we love your candles! We currently have the 'Enchanted' and 'Blackcurrant and Tuberose' scents and they are fab. They burn really well, even when we have them lit for hours each night. The scent fills the room, something you rarely seem to get with high street bought ones and the scent hasn't faded either. Can't wait to see what scents you release in 2018!

Lovely review from Lauren Taylor, thank you x



Quick note ... More scent-ful in a smaller space ..... My lounge dining room is double height and open plan to the kitchen so probably two candles would be better. 
So I moved it to a bedroom, and the festive aromas are dreamy, all the spicy scents reminding me of Christmastime filling the room and wafting down the passage, so amazing, so cosy and hygge, lovely💝💝

Thank you Pat Wilkinson, Johannesburg, writing about one of our lovely tin candles given as a Christmas present.xx

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